War between the Factions of U.S and China: Who would be victorious?

Updated on January 11, 2022 in Politics
1 on December 28, 2021

To start this off, it’s completely a hypothetical. Doesn’t matter if it kicked off again in the Korean Peninsula, or if it was due to an invasion of Taiwan or even an intervention by E.U forces in Ukraine against Russian aggression, you pick and I’ll reply on how this battleground would shape the conflict and your opinion on this.

I think I’ll explain as of now that there will be NO NUKES used in this scenario- no matter, even if they’re just tactical nukes. The battleground you pick out will shape the factions and alliance’s on either side. 

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0 on January 11, 2022

Hi, I’m happy I found this, but unhappy that I can’t respond. I’d say this is a nice hypothetical to engage with, but it requires so much knowledge of the topic that most people have, that it renders any discussion upon it mostly nonsense.

Sorry, but if I was to engage honestly, I would begin by saying the conflict is most likely to rise over Taiwan, but then have no idea where to go from there because I (as well as most people) have no idea of the military capabilities of either the US or China in open conflict.

Sorry man. I just don’t think this post is specific enough to gain traction from anyone but extremists. Totally not saying you give me extremist vibes at all btw. I’m just sayingthe only people who could respond to such a vague, but inflammatory topic would be pretty extreme.

Hope this was helpful.

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