The main focus in politics should be on environmental welfare

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The most important issue of today is the climate crisis 

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Have you ever read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?

Covey explains his graphical representation of prioritizing things, and it influences how I approach your topic heavily. Essentially you have 4 quadrants on a graph:

1 – Important and Urgent.
2 – Important, but not Urgent.
3 – Unimportant, but Urgent.
4 – Unimportant and not Urgent.

So, your view is obviously that Climate Change is a quadrant 1 topic. Fair. Mine currently is that it hasn’t made the transition from Q2 to Q1, for me.

I think that currently it is the type of thing that we should be investing in researching before making big decisions around it. I think we will see soon that it becomes a very Q1 topic.

However, you made a pretty absolute statement I’m not sure I wholly agree with. THE MOST important topic in politics is a big statement when you think about the Q’s. So, granting that Climate Change may be a Q1 issue, what other issues are also in Q1? I would say the biggest that comes to mind is race issues (at least for us Americans). So, from there, they’re both Q1, but which is more important? I’d say Climate Change. However, which is more urgent? I’d say race issues, incredibly so. I’d say that one example is so salient and SO urgent in America that we should focus more on that.

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