The Difference Between Cold Rolled Aluminium Sheet And Hot Rolled Aluminum Sheet

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The choice of 4 x 8 aluminum sheet requires professional knowledge, the procurement of aluminum alloy sheet need to select professional manufacturers,because of different needs of aluminum, materials, processes have different requirements. In particular, cold rolled aluminium sheet and hot rolled aluminum sheet identification.

Cold rolled aluminium sheet for molds, hot rolled aluminum sheet for drawing tensile aspects.

Different raw material supply: the difference between the two in the blank supply is not the same, hot rolled aluminum sheet is cast ingot – heating – rolling for cold rolling, cold rolled aluminium sheet are rolling – cold rolling.

Production process is different: cold rolling is a casting machine processing into casting rolling volume (8mm thickness) processed by cold rolling, and hot rolled aluminum sheet ingot (400-500mm thickness) heating, at high temperature by the hot Machine rolling.

Different properties: hot rolled aluminum sheet surface quality, mechanical properties and ductility strong, good oxidation, while processing aluminum discs are generally processed from aluminum, aluminum is naturally affected by the performance. huawei Aluminium is a global cold rolled aluminium sheet and hot rolled aluminum sheet manufacturers,welcome to consult and cooperation,waiting for you to contact with augusthuawei-aluminium

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