The Bible is not authentic and has been twisted from its original meaning

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I’m not religious for many reasons, and sometimes it really irritates me when people don’t want to explore more of what religion they believe in. Instead they blindly believe in an religion just because everyone else around them does. It soon becomes apart of them so much that they are unwilling to be open minded about other things.

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Wrong. Though peopleĀ have twisted Scripture for their own morbid desires, the Bible itself still retains all the same meaning and purpose that it had two thousand years ago.

Not long after Jesus rose to Heaven, people began writing the New Testament. There were dozens of eyewitnesses to the events of the Gospels, as well as documents (over 20,000 of them) to prove that the NT manuscripts were real.

You believe in Plato, right? And Aristotle? Actually, the combined amount of documents to prove their authenticity only amount to less than 30! Yet many atheists clearly believe in them.

Out of 20K manuscripts, many of which are still around today, it would be pretty hard to twist the Bible into something else without a dozen Christians telling you off.

on April 6, 2020

Except there are sculptures of Plato and Aristotle done by artists when they were still alive, political and philosophical writings from both of them. There are no definitive accounts of what Jesus looked like that’s why there’s a version of him in different races same as Santa claus. Jesus, which isnt his real name, it’s a Roman-Greco translation of his real name, didn’t have a hand in writing the new or old testament his alleged followers did, nor did anyone care to draw a picture of him. The new and old testament are morbid enough on their own merits, both are littered with rape, sacrifices, genocide, and genuinely fairy tale like accounts such as talking animals. Read both with a literal sense, dont “twist” it in your own personal interpretation, might find just how barbaric it really is. Every version of christianity from catholic, to protestant, to Baptist, to morman is just a little “twist” to suit that group’s ideas, and of all the options for the same two books what makes any particular one think theirs is right? Both versions were written in a time when no one in the middle east knew anything about say Japan, or Hawaii, but yet knew the origin of everything. Written in the same geographic area as the Quran, which is very similar to the old testament in particular with its practices. Just take a few good looks around some middle eastern countries and see where believing in religion as fundamental fact will get you. Because if your not fundamental in your religion, you’re cherry picking, not following the fundamentals means you go to hell, only doing the parts of your religion you deem good or right means disobeying everything else. Like working on sundays, if you’ve ever done that guess what you’re going to hell, no matter what “twist” your preacher or whatever puts on it to justify it for the modern world. Nearly if not everything in both books are unoriginal through years of translation and opinion and the use of it to control people unhappy with their dictator. The Roman emperor Constantine decided jesus’s birthday would be December 25th because the pagans already celebrated that day for the winter solstice, the funny thing is a lot of Christian’s know that and still blindly believe that’s his birthday all because of a “twist” that was put on it. Not many religions have escaped a byproduct of time, that is most western religions changed drastically through each generation as stories were made up to awe the revolting people and fill empty stomachs with asceticism. As the saying goes, religion is the opium of the masses.

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