Short-haired girls, Extensions are also for you!

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Cut pixie, long bob, boyish, parade, micro bob… there is a whole dictionary of its own depending on the type of short hair you have. Different styles that have been (and still are) fashionable and that delight girls who have finite hair and low density.

However, what about all those short-haired girls who dream of having a long mane in a matter of minutes? Is there hope for them? Yes, natural hair extensions. So do not worry, if you have short hair and want to achieve a natural mane and volume, from reliable human hair vendor, we help you get it, you can also buy extensions online in our store, we make it easy for you.

We get many questions, both to our customer service line, as to our email inboxes or to the comments on Facebook on our social networks, related to hair extensions for very short hair that we have decided that it was time to give a global response in the form of a post.

Our blog is becoming a powerful weapon of information related to hair extensions and, a topic such as extensions for short hair that worries both our clients, as well as those who are not yet, could not be left behind.

That is why in this post we are going to clarify all the doubts for all those who are thinking of putting hair extensions on very short hair. We have heard you and your desires are orders!


Extensions for short hair, is it possible?

The first thing you have to be clear about if you have short hair and want to wear human hair wigs wholesale is that, normally, you must have a minimum of about 10 or 12 centimeters of your own hair to be able to place the extensions correctly.

When a stylist who is an expert in extensions, like the ones you can find in our extension centers, is faced with the technique of placement, her main objective is that the hair extensions are perfectly integrated with the client’s own natural hair.

The grace and the secret of a good job in hair extensions is precisely that: that the natural hair covers the extensions in such a way that it cannot be distinguished (neither by sight nor by touch) when it is the client’s natural hair and when is the hair extensions.

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