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So porn is wrong I see that clearly now. Is it wrong or should I say is it disrespectful to want to make a sex tape with my girlfriend? Is me asking her like a violation of privacy or something? Sending nudes is cool but there’s nothing like watching you and the woman you are in a relationship with really getting into it. That’s my opinion. I just want to use it for my own pleasure and i really wouldn’t want acting to see it it’s for my eyes only i would be mad if someone else saw it. Basically, am i a scumbag for wanting a sex tape? Am I exploiting her for her body and using her or am I really just reasonably asking for something to like do the deed with when she’s not around if you know what I mean like am I a sexist pig or am i rightfully asking for something i deserve? Can you even deserve something like that? My ex girlfriends both wanted to make sex tapes without me even bringing it up but I just don’t want to mess things up by wanting one. I just want to have some different content for when she’s not around but is that wrong I almost feel bad she’s said no for a while then today she said yes and I kind of feel like a Dick because idk if she’s really just saying it to appease me or if she’s actually comfortable doing it. We’ve been together a while and I watched on a few times and I’m not blaming it on the fact that we didn’t have one or that I didn’t have any fresh nudes but I just feel like if I had one I’d never want to watch porn again. Is that manipulative or a valid argument? Help me please before the next time I have sex with her (probably later tonight or tomorrow) I don’t want to do it if it’s wrong obviously I want it but I don’t want to do something she doesn’t actually want to do i don’t want her to change her morals and values for me. She’s had videos like that with other guys she said before she “didn’t trust me with it” but I never gave her a reason not to trust me I would be incredibly jealous if anyone caught a glimpse of our intimate moments. Just tell me what to do please. I’m so conflicted I’m super Fucking excited to have a sex tape with her i don’t keep explicit photos or videos of exes I seriously only have her bad stuff but I’m super excited yet I almost feel like I’m a terrible person for wanting it bc I want to be sensitive to her and her feelings.

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