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A friend had offered me a free sample of Keto Blast Gummies at my last coaching session, so I was excited to give them a try. I was curious about the idea behind the product: gummy candies meant to be taken before meals and help control hunger. Sure enough, the package contained a handful of delicious-looking gummies in flavors like orange and cherry, so I took one with my breakfast that day.


The instructions on the package said to take one gummy before every meal, so I popped another one around lunchtime. About an hour later, I was suddenly hungry again. This wasn’t particularly unexpected—I’d eaten less than an hour ago, so it made sense that my body would want more food. But here’s where things got interesting: even after eating dinner, I still felt pretty hungry. That night, I found myself craving something sweet for dessert (which isn’t normal for me), but when I actually ate something it just tasted like sugar and artificial sweetener. Needless to say, it didn’t satisfy the craving in any way.


This effect continued the next morning—I woke up feeling hungry and slept through my alarm (something that doesn’t happen very often). So while Keto Blast Gummies may have worked

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