RuneScape – Utilize your skills as a thief to find them

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After returning, you will be told that RuneScape gold the Red Axe has just bought your contract. They are now your boss. You must talk to Hreidmar who is your new boss. You could be dismissed if you do not accept his job offer.

Utilize your skills as a thief to find them. Follow them, but do not be too close or Colonel Grimmson will catch you. Be sure to stay at least five squares in front of them. As they approach Hreidmar’s home look out the window to see the way they’re being connected. They will be instructed to meet at “the place” by a figure. The Boatman will take them to the location. Before you can stow away on the boat you might need some gear for combat and food, this is gonna turn ugly, I assure you.

Go to head to Dwarven Boatman. Instead of speaking to him, you can stow away aboard the ship. The Red Axe members will tell them that they will give an entire bar of adamant to “them”. In a short time you’ll be transported to a cave along the river to Keldagrim which only the Red Axe know about. Keep an eye out for when the Red Axe members advance to the next room before stepping back from the ship, you don’t want to know what happens if trapped.

After they have left then sneak out to the entrance and inspect it for traps. After disabling the traps, enter the door and gaze at the balcony. You’ll see three Dragonkin below, one of which has a name: Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one the Kin you saw after While Guthix rests. Red Axe members will be arriving. They’re allies. What is the reason why the Dragonkin need allies made up of a few businessmen who have such economic power they could be able to cause recessions, or even flagrantly breach the law? The answer is in the question itself. The conversation continues:

It seems like you brought the bar with adamant ring. We did indeed. The dwarves will soon unload them by our Chaos Dwarves. But why do you want them so much? We’ll demonstrate it. In fact, can we request a favor from Grimmson? Let me guess, you’d like me test your brand new Dragon. Sure, you’ll be able to cheap RS gold see why we want Adamant sooner or later.

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