RuneScape is a painstaking war of attrition

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I’m unsure if the statue to The Old Nite still exists but it was at to the southern edge of Wilderness (or “Wildy,” for short) – a large expanse of RS Gold wasteland in the north that is frequented by animals and players-killers. I’ve never made the trek to visit it. I’m a fool.

The most significant flaw in RuneScape’s gameplay, which could also be its most significant benefit, is one similar to the majority of MMORPG: sheer longevity. Between the exciting quests and high-octane battles is the constant grind away at mundane chores like fishing, mining or cooking to get better or to earn credits to purchase that new armour or helmet. Gotta make money somehow, right?

Although these can be moderately enjoyable, it’s also time spent doing the same thing over and over – time that could instead be spent through a couple of shorter, but no less popular video games.

In contrast to being one continuous battle, RuneScape is a painstaking war of attrition which is difficult and long, and it never ever ends. However, it’s immensely rewarding if one is willing to put the time into it, and I was. For a minimum of Buy RS Gold a one or two years.

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