Prove that it’s wrong to kill people.

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There is no god, and no afterlife. I can “prove” this.

There isn’t an invisible man behind you, You won’t act like there is an invisible man behind you because you know there isn’t.

If there is no proof god exists, then you shouldn’t act like he does. If god is the invisible man, there is no reason to believe he is really there at all. The same goes for an afterlife.

You believe what you can see, and what you can prove. You cannot disprove that an invisible man exists, but you won’t act like one exists because that wouldn’t make sense.

You cannot disprove that god is real, but you can’t prove it either. So whatever it’s worth, you should act like there isn’t one.


with that out of the way, there is no god, no afterlife.

The universe will eventually end due to heat death. That means nothing is permanent and always ends up as nothing, no matter what you do.

You evolved from earlier animals, so you are just an advanced collection of chemicals.

You will to survive, and do other things. But does that make you any better than anything else, if you’re just an advanced form of those things?

It’s okay to kill a cow for food, but not a human. That’s because we “feel bad” for the human. We evolved empathy as a species to survive. they’re just an advanced thing evolved from what a cow evolved from. when does it just “change”?

Is it actually wrong to kill someone? I don’t think so, logically.

Prove me wrong.


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before you say being conscience makes it wrong,

how do you define conscience? everything feels pain. Everything has goals.

ours are just more complex.

How does that make us superior?

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