Pros and Cons of a Great Axe in the New World Build

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Even though Great Axes can be slow in some situations, lack range, and aren’t as pressure-heavy as other “quick” melee weapons, their damage output and melee-based reach usually make up for their limitations. Those that use the two-handed weapon in New World can be a destructive force, but only if they are aware of their limits and compensate for them.

An Advantage of the Reaper Skill Tree Is Its Excellent Mobility
The Reaper skill tree makes the Great Axe a tremendously mobile weapon, even though it looks like a stationary weapon at first glance. PvP environments benefit greatly from the ability to close the distance considerably faster than with other weapons, and this is especially true when players have access to Charge and Reap.

It’s easy to miss some of the best axe abilities.
In spite of its impressive gap-closing powers, the Great Axe does not lock on to its target. Great Axe’s movement-based abilities can be readily dodged if an opponent knows what to look for, therefore players must be precise with their talents. An axe-wielding player may easily sidestep a player using the Charge skill, which is capable of crossing large distances swiftly. How to buy New World gold?

The Reap ability of a Great Axe user can be avoided by those with a good mid-range game, such as archers and spell slingers. As long as they stay out of range of a Great Axe player’s attacks, they can inflict significant damage and pressure on the opponent.

Axe’s superior mob-clearing ability is a plus for Great
As a result of the Great Axe’s amazing reach and AOE capabilities, it allows players to attack numerous opponents at once. People that wear heavy armor and can heal themselves can take on many mobs at the same time while causing huge damage to them all. This makes the Great Axe an excellent tool for clearing out waves of opponents and can make it much easier for players who are questing or farming drops in PVE.

Additionally, axe-wielding players can penalize other melee players for stacking too closely in a PVP situation by dealing significant damage to their entire group.

It has difficulty dealing with PVP solo fighters.
PVP builds using the Great Axe are conceivable, although the Great Axe itself was not designed for single-target domination in PVP duel situations.. There’s no need to punish a player who is aware of the Great Axe’s limitations. Great Axe’s greatest abilities have a long cooldown, making it tough to deal with opponents that can move quickly or stay out of melee range when using them.

That being said, players who have the Great Axe and a single-target weapon can be a major threat because the weapon can do solid damage while also securing enemies and pursuing slick opponents.

Pros: Gravity Well is a very useful skill to have.
When it comes to dealing massive amounts of damage with the Great Axe, the Reaper skill tree has its advantages, but it’s the Mauler tree that offers the most effective options. Players can use Gravity Well to launch a rift-like item that sucks in any foes caught in its vortex, pinning them to the epicenter for a short period of time. There are passive effects that revolve around this talent that may aid boost its duration, AOE effect, and overall power. Learn How To Get The Best New World Gear Perks.

Great Axe’s long range makes it ideal for clearing huge hordes in both PVE and PVP situations. Gravity Well is effective for both. For example, it can be utilized in PvP to create choke spots, gather healers and ranged players, and lock down melee opponents so that spell casters can douse them with AOE skills.

CON: Axe of Great Power Pranksters Pay The Price For Their Stupidity
You may want to steer clear of the Great Axe if you aren’t comfortable putting yourself in harm’s way. As a “charge in and assault” sort of weapon, it lacks the defensive or evasive capabilities of other melee alternatives. At a result, players should wear Medium Armor as a minimum, and Heavy Armor if they find themselves absorbing too much damage to live.

Despite the Great Axe’s mobility, players will still be thrust into the middle of PVE and PVP battles from the outset of the game. Great Axe users should educate themselves with healing goods and recipes that improve health regeneration in order to find a skilled healer to aid them in battle.

War Hammer Stacks Beautifully With Great Axe, a Positive
The War Hammer is likely the best secondary weapon for a Great Axe, despite the fact that there are a few other options available to players. Both weapons scale with Strength, granting players more damage, while the War Hammer has the same amount of reach.

Stun and lockdown abilities on both weapons are the true kicker, as they allow players to easily disarm their opponents by locking them in place while doing massive damage with their swings while also knocking them down and applying stuns to stop their actions. As a result of their abilities, a player wielding the Great Axe and War Hammer combined can be quite intimidating.

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