Men should not have a say on abortion laws

Updated on July 7, 2020 in Issues
3 on March 11, 2020

just curious

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Why shouldn’t they. They are apart of the journey of life too. Their not bearing a child or actually giving birth but they have to deal with the financial situation and sacrifice as much as the mother has to sacrifice

on May 24, 2020

not all men are even there so no not all have to deal with the financial situation and they don’t have to go through the actual birth, the fear of dying from it, and the stress of being a mother. nobody should be forced to risk their life.. and nobody should force anybody to risk their life.

on July 7, 2020

Ok I can get that but using your logic on abortion laws that you just stated then you shouldn’t be able to tell a person with a gun what to do with there gun because it’s there gun.

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