Is it ok to be aromantic?

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6 on April 13, 2018

Is it really an issue to never be attracted to anyone in a romantic sense?

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0 on April 21, 2018

No it’s not an issue

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4 on May 21, 2018

Nope, you’re good, if you werent attracted sexually to either women or men, then there would be a problem, or couldn’t feel any emotion at all, you might be a serial killer, but if it’s just not feeling romantic towards anyone, you’re good

on July 13, 2018

Why would it be a problem to not be sexually attracted to men or women? I see nothing wrong with that.

on September 27, 2018

Because that is not normal. That would be a mental issue, just like being romantically attached to the same sex.

on October 14, 2018

@roxieblue he/she didnt say sexually they said romantically,to not have any type of romantic feelings is normal, to not have any sexual feelings towards any sex is not normal after a certain age, hormones take there toll weather you like it or not,you can have sexual feelings without have romantic feelings,just like rape, rape doesnt seem very romantic to me,that’s just me I guess though

on April 25, 2020

Woah buddy pal, I agree that feeling no romantic attraction is fine and dandy, and you probably didn’t mean anything intentionally malicious but bringing up rape to the conversation didnt sound right as an example.
On the other note, feeling no sexual attraction is Ok too. Just like there are aromantics there are asexuals, people who don’t feel sexual attraction. Sometime people feel uncomfortable about having sex and thus don’t. Other times there are hormone imbalances and that’s ok, and once in a while a person decides they just aren’t feelin’ it, which is also ok.

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