If you don’t want to sleep with you, why would you think someone else would?

Updated on November 15, 2021 in Men
0 on November 15, 2021

So, I’ve heard more and more lately from people irl about incels, female dating strategy, and black-pilled dating culture. I really feel like people subscribed to these ideas are missing this simple ideal:

If you wouldn’t sleep with you, why would you expect someone else to want to?

I boiled it down to this because the other day a friend of mine tried to simplify it like this:

Just lower your expectations.

I take issue with this. I think lowering your expectations leads to misery. I think incels need to raise their expectations. Raise your expectations of the partner you’re looking for, and ask yourself if you deserve that. If not, its time to raise your expectations of yourself. By raising your expectations you will (for most people) become the ideal partner for the person you’re trying to attract.

Am I wrong? Is it as simple as settling for someone you don’t really want?

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