I have yet to fully investigate the MyCruise featurethat

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MyCareer over the years has been a formulaic but not generic. While the formula remains similar, 2k22 brought a few tweaks, with NBA 2K22 MT an interesting plot that explores the rise of a social media influencer looking to get into the professional world, which is related to the development of YouTube highlight reels for the pro league. As opposed to the showcase for rookies to NBA draft story, it shows that the MyCareer feature has grown in popularity.

The flow of the story is, however, prone to falling off at times, and maybe 2k could be thinking about adding more subplots to which the player can discover in the near future. Or better, make The City a The City version that’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

I have yet to fully investigate the MyCruise featurethat allows users to be allowed to play some beach-side basketball online with other users due to technical limitations for me. It’s a promising idea and will continue in the coming years to be developed for years to Buy NBA 2K Coins come.

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