how many genders are there

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8 on January 16, 2019

i think there’s only two but i’m open to new ideas

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7 on January 20, 2019

There are only two genders. Man and Woman. He and She.

on January 25, 2019

what is your reasoning for this

on January 27, 2019

Well there is absolutely no biological evidence to suggest otherwise. No matter what anyone feels in the inside we all either have xx or su chromosomes. No such thing as a z chromosome. That not only determines your sex but also gender. If there were multiple genders it would be very noticeable. It’s obvious that to transform yourself into a gender that doesn’t exist is completely unatural and inhumane which is why the transgender suicide rates are so high and it does not get better after surgery of any kind.

And besides all that, to have man and woman was God’s original plan for humanity.

on January 28, 2019

i see where your coming from until you get to the transgender part of your argument. when a man transitions to a woman (mtf) or a woman transitions into a male (ftm) they are not making a new gender. i believe that the surgery’s are to help aliviate gender dysphoria which is a mental illness that makes one transgender. not being able to “pass” is also not the is not the only reason for transgender suicide, it’s important to also take into account whether or not they have support from family and friends, pre existing mental illness like depression ect.

on January 29, 2019

Yeah of course, you’re right. But back into the other topic that’s why I believe there are only two genders. If not then no one has been able to tell me how many genders are there.

on February 4, 2019

How you explain people born with both parts then? This is simply not a argument but a question, at that point they could claim to be either and removing one of the parts would that therefore give them he opportunity to claim as the other?

on February 5, 2019

if someone is born with both parts and their parents choose the wrong gender they would transition to the other, but they would still be in the gender binary, they would be one of the two genders

on February 12, 2019

Being born with both parts you will still have the anatomy and grow up to only be one of those genders… whichever gender your chromosomes tell you to grow up as.

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