find out what ACNH island ranking is by speaking with Isabelle

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Several people have expressed concern about time-hopping, which is essentially a method of manipulating the Nintendo Switch’s time and date settings in order to cheat time in a video game. I enjoy playing New Horizons for hours at a time, so I’m a proponent of hopping. However, some people prefer the game’s natural, unhurried pace, which is what I prefer in this instance. It is possible to complete upgrades and bridges more quickly by time-hopping. You can also find more fossils and generally reset your daily activities by time-hopping.

The dangers of time travel, on the other hand, must be considered if you do so recklessly. It is possible that your relationships with your villagers will deteriorate, and that your island will become overrun with weeds. It is also possible that you will be unable to participate in special events because they will not begin until you have been connected to the internet.

Listed below is what I do in order to time-hop while taking fewer risks:

It is possible to save your game and continue it by pressing the minus button on the left Joy-Con of your controller. You can exit the software by pressing the Home button twice and then the X key at the same time.

To complete the process, navigate to the system settings menu, scroll down to System, and then scroll to the Date & Time section.

Uncheck the box that allows you to synchronize the internal clock of your Switch with the internet to prevent this from happening. Change the date by one day to the exact day of the week that you want to celebrate.

Animal Crossing must be reopened and the game must be started again before your progress can be saved.

animal crossing buy items is necessary to repeat steps 1 through 3 again, but this time you should make sure to check the box that allows you to sync your in-game clock with the internet.

Even though your game will have progressed by one day, you will not have advanced to the point where you are in danger of causing irreparable damage to your island. The fact that turnips rot as a result of time-hopping should not be overlooked.

It will take time and effort on the part of the island’s residents to achieve a five-star rating at some point in the future. You can find out what your island ranking is by speaking with Isabelle in Resident Services, who can assist you. Consider the following, if you want to take her advice literally:Assuming she is correct in her assessment, you will need to install additional fencing. Similarly, interior design can be described as follows:What exactly is she saying? Is she saying you need more decorations, or is she saying you need more homemade items? Take note of the cues she gives you and act on them immediately.

An appropriate amount of flowers, fencing, and trees are required to complete the look of your island, as well as well-balanced furniture and décor items strewn throughout the island to complete the look. Remove tree branches and weeds as soon as you see them because they will lower your island rating if you leave them behind.

Even if you have an entirely populated island with only ten residents and a villager stopping by your campsite, you can talk to the villager over and over until they agree to relocate to your island. This is true even if you have an entirely populated island with only ten residents and a villager stopping by your campsite. Important: they will evict a random villager from his or her home, and this is a major concern. If they’re trying to trade places with the critter that you despise the most, your first offer should be taken into consideration. It will be necessary to re-roll the dice if they do not select the correct villager, which will require you to exit the software and restart from the beginning.

Generally speaking, if you’re trying to expel a villager and you have a visitor at the campsite, I recommend sprinting to the campsite as soon as you can after starting the game to avoid losing your cool. If you have to restart, you won’t lose any of your progress if you do so in this manner. If you believe that the process will take too long, your next best option is to completely ignore your future evictee until the situation is resolved. Unless they have an orange bubble over their heads, which may indicate that they are thinking about relocating (although orange bubbles over their heads may also indicate that they want to give you something), don’t approach them. As soon as they’ve made a decision, you can enthusiastically encourage them to follow through on that decision.

In order to have a foolproof method of evicting yourself from the village, you’ll need to use an amiibo figure or card. In order to deliver the amiibo villager to your camping location, the ABD Machine must be used on three different days. When they come to visit, politely request that they relocate to your island each time they come to visit. On the third visit, they will agree to move in and will inquire as to who you would like to take their place as your replacement. Choose your least favorite NPC, and the process will proceed in the order in which you selected them. Here’s what I did to say goodbye to Rodney, my blue hamster archnemesis, in a dignified and successful way.

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