Does anything TRULY matter

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1 on December 29, 2021

mmmhhh, I have a feeling that this won’t go over well. If someone can explain to me that even though the universe will explode and no human life will existence, why does anything I do matter in the overall scheme of things? Also please no bashing on anyone’s beliefs or anything, that wasn’t the point of this.  

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Hi, I hope you like this response.

What you’re expressing is something close to philosophical nihilism. The belief that in the grand scheme of things, nothing we transient beings can ever do is ultimately meaningful.

My argument is two parted.

First, if we accept nihilism to be true, which seems to be the case objectively, then your outlook is obviously correct. Honestly, in my opinion, cosmic nihilism seems to be an objective truth. Heat death of the universe over time seems likely. However, this doesn’t mean that this has to be a reason not to do things.

The way I interpret cosmic nihilism is derivative of what I’ve learned from playing ranked video games, so bear with this analogy.

Second, if we are playing a zero sum game, that results in us losing every time, what is left over in the middle? You can play ranked games, trying to be top tier, and find yourself in the middle, but at least you played. Now, no judgment on opting out, although this is an argument to make opting out of the game of life temporary, you can either play the game in front of you for the ride, or end it.

I would say, it is already predestined to end, so why not play it out until then. There are extreme cases in which (say death over needlessly long torture) you are justified in ending it all, but I would recommend a break from life for most people.

It can seem hopeless, but baseline is baseline. People are really out here homeless making shit work. If you need to sulk, sulk. And then play the game in front of you. But don’t let fear of losing stop you from playing because the odds are that if you play at least decently well (at least in america), you will be okay.

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