Can Ethics Actually Exist?

Updated on March 29, 2022 in Philosophy
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Are ethics just human boundaries or could it be a universal concept among other civilizations?

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In the present day, with the scientific knowledge that humans have perceived so far, there is no significant evidence of other civilizations in this universe. However, as an answer to your question, I’d like to believe that ethics in itself is a human creation and a human belief but, if there were other civilizations similar to that of humans, they would have their own interpretation of ethics. However, within society, as we know, ethics is mutable and cannot in any manner be proved right or wrong, but is rather an attempt to moderate the choice which would then overtake the world. I am more of a subjective realist who believes that ethics and morals cannot be proven in facts, but are rather interchangeable based on the situation and the person. However, if you are to question the existence of reality, then according to Plato, reality itself is non-existent and is interpreted differently based on ones’ past so if you are to go down that rabbit hole, this question itself would be non-existent as existence is non-existent (Sorry, I have a practice of circumlocuting). 

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Cool answer. Thanks for the information.

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I liked your explanation.

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Thank you!

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