ARE AMERICANS MORE GENEROUS THAN BRITISH? if everyone donated the cost of a up of coffee!

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I am trying to raise funds for a 57 year old lady who was sadly so seriously attacked, she was left both physically and mentally permanently disabled.If that wasn`t enough, she has recently been diagnosed with heart failure and needs round the clock care to enable her to remain at home and lead as a fulfilled life as possible.
Part of this care is funded by social services, the remainder is done by kind volunteers who only ask for their fuel money, meals and an ongoing supply of tea and coffee whilst with her.
Unfortunately for her, because she can get around inside of her house with the aid of sticks and a carer for support, she doesn`t qualify for an NHS funded wheelchair.
She is desperate to be able to be taken out other than to the hospital or the doctors appointments and maybe even on a holiday one day, a luxury she hasn`t had for an awful long time. She has worked all her life in the care profession helping others of all ages and abilities. Now she is the one who needs help.

The ONLY constraint in her getting the chair, is financial.

I have been in contact with freedom power chairs and as you can see below, a wheelchair cost an awful lot of money. She She isn`t asking for, or expecting a new wheelchair but obviously it needs to be suitable for her needs and one that will last her many years.

Below is a quote for the chair she so desperately needs

From: Freedom Powerchairs [email protected]
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 12:13
The list price for the spec you ask for is over £6,000. We could currently offer you a similar “refurbished as new” chair with one year warranty for £3,475. This would be built to order.

If anyone could offer help, or knows someone who could help by way of a donation , no matter how small, it will all add up to this lovely lady being able to rediscover the outside world again.

I would like to thank you on her behalf for your time in reading this and for any help you may be able to give.

PLEASE Share this story to help us raise money

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0 on May 2, 2016

all and any advice on how to raise funds would be really welcome, we have tried every charity we can here in the uk  but they just dont have the funds to help her.                                           i have set up a justgiving fund on line and have had one kind lady give £5.00 can the Americans beat the English and help put the smile back on this ladies face and restore her faith in the human race. PLEASE JUST EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT ANY FURTHER INFORMATION and share with all your fb friends

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