Animal Crossing: How you avoid the annoying Ax bug

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has had a bug since its release that sometimes prevents you from getting a recipe for the ax. Here’s how you can help yourself.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons┬átakes you by the hand at the beginning and offers several tasks to complete each day. For one of them you also need an ax, which you will receive as a recipe for it. But through a bug it can happen that you simply do not receive any instructions and then you cannot cut trees. We’ll tell you how to deal with the problem.


Didn’t get a rocking ax recipe and so you’ll get it anyway

This is how it usually works: At the beginning of the first few days, Tom Nook instructs you to make a few items. Little by little, more and more recipes are added, including the rocking ax. If you copy the recipe, you can cut trees to collect wood. This is exactly what you need for a task that you can usually do very easily.


This is how it works with a bug: Usually this is an important keyword. This bug has existed since the game was released and Nintendo has not fixed it. It can happen that no recipe for the ax appears with the second character – but this can also happen with the first character in isolated cases. This is exactly what happened to an editor at GamePro after Update 2.0. Now he had Tom Nook’s job, but no ax at hand.


This is how you circumvent the problem: Of course the whole thing is a bit of a hindrance, but there are two ways that you can still get the recipe for the rocking ax. Both are related to Nook’s shop:


Play with your first character until you have built Nook’s shop. Then switch back to the other character and buy the rocking ax recipe there.

Go to a friend locally or via the internet and buy the recipe in Nook’s shop. (A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for the online version)

No wood, no Nooks shop: The biggest problem with this whole thing is that while you can be given the task of building Nooks shop, you can’t lock it. Because in addition to iron ore, you also need 30 wood, 30 softwood and 30 hardwood. So if you have the same mistake as our editor did with the first character, then you have to rely on others to give you the necessary resources.

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