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Did you take the New World Insider Test that Amazon Games just finished? Well, I have, and I have a lot to report.

The beta began in July and ended on August 3, and attracted over a million adventurers from around the world.

Participants who pre-ordered the game were given a trailer and had to fill out a form to enter.

Still, New World lived up to the hype, as adventurers flocked to the MMO stream. Gone with the Wind “seems to attract large numbers of players. Players help adventurers with wars, money (called New World Coins), and other items to help them complete quests. Some even sell their accounts in the New World.

Getting into the game arouses the thrill of entering an unknown world and the urge to conquer it quickly.

At this stage, your weapons are limited and you must make the most of them to advance. To start with, you’ll have a shield and sword sufficient to reach this level.

Your dodging skills should be top notch at this level. Otherwise you will soon find yourself on the losing side.

Find your bow in time and upgrade your equipment ASAP as you move forward. But what is a bow without arrows?

Keep playing and get your arrows quickly. The exciting thing about this level is that you have to act quickly.

On the way there, you will have many tasks to deal with. This is why it is important that you upgrade your devices as soon as possible.

Aeternum Island is beautiful and full of deserted, dense forests, farms and screenshot material.

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Once you are out of sight of the beach after launching, you will find the sprawling settlement which, like Hope’s Light, is unique and exquisite.

From there, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment and learn a skill. The crafting skill is very useful as you have to make some weapons. For example, if you plan to get rid of your bow and arrow and decide on a fire staff, you will need special materials to make the staff.

The new world is full of quests. In order to earn points and level up, you have to solve and complete numerous quests.

At regular intervals, enemies will hover overhead, driving you out of the settlement. Because of this, you need to upgrade your equipment and be very aggressive.

As you progress, you will have to fight four types of enemies, including one

Angry earth

The trick is to team up with other players to complete the mission. Unfortunately, enemies are difficult to defeat when they are not around to help.

The new worlds are designed so that you can work and acquire weapons as you level up. To be fully operational as a firefighter, for example, you must have reached level 13.

For a full review of the game, I’ll have to wait for the September release. Hopefully by then the developers will have fixed the bugs and quality issues.

Expectations are high as the game comes from Amazon Games Studios, a major game brand that competes with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft classics. Like other MMO aficionados, I expect a better experience without feeling like I have to grind too much in the early stages. When I played World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Expedition, I always bypassed grinding by buying TBC Classic Gold.

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