Aluminum Siding Sheets

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The trailer aluminum siding is made of 3003 aluminum alloy material, which greatly reduces the weight of the trailer, improves corrosion resistance, and is easy to use. The 4×8 aluminum sheet for trailer siding has high mechanical strength, durability, good decorative flatness and long service life. Among so many metal trailer siding, the market prefers aluminum trailer siding material because it is lightweight, affordable, and provides effective insulation. Aluminum trailer siding is color-coated to enhance aesthetics and corrosion resistance. Colors are polar white (bright white) and black, with white aluminum trailer siding being the more common use.

In addition to white coated aluminum siding, there are also diamond plate trailer siding, which have a glossy finish, good abrasion resistance and a good decorative finish. Lighten your trailer’s body mass with aluminum trailer siding, which has corrosion resistance unmatched by steel. The thin aluminum sheet used for trailer siding contains magnesium and manganese, which also improves its corrosion resistance. Our customers speak highly of HUAWEI Aluminum’s trailer siding. We have rich experience in producing diamond plate and white coated aluminum trailer siding, if you are interested, you can contact us immediately, I believe we can odder good quality and service.

The aluminum siding provided by HUAWEI Aluminum has the following advantages:

1. Aluminum trailer siding can be customized to order;

2. We provide free samples for you to test before ordering;

3. Ships within 25-50 days after receiving the order;

4. Weatherproof and easy to clean;

5. Add a sleek, modern look to your trailer;

If you are looking to buy aluminum trailer siding, please contact us. We are located in China, but we ship worldwide. Our aluminium siding steel sheets are hot rolled, making them ideal for fabrication. We supply sheet/coil and custom sizes for all components of the trailer. If you have any questions or difficulties deciding what aluminum sheet trailer siding you need for your trailer.

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