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Aluminum printing plates are very popular as exterior signs. They are fastened to the wall or door and are an excellent solution for the era of direction or information signage. We can cut to any size, up to 10ft x 4ft, larger panels can be more than one piece. Aluminium composite panels are easy to screw in and the material is easy to drill because aluminium is very soft compared to steel. Anodized 4 x 8 aluminum sheet with porous surface finish and decorative surface texture. A protective coating applied to the material guarantees a one-year shelf life.
We also produce colored aluminum flakes for bottle caps and tinplates and have a full product development cycle such as design, plate making and printing. These aluminum printing plates and tinplates are very stylish and durable, guaranteeing a longer life and appearance of the product display.
Our 1060 Aluminum Sheet Plate is rolled to very fine tolerances to produce more closures per ton of stock and to allow for uninterrupted operation of high-speed, multi-chamber presses. Its strength, high formability, low earring and printable surface make it ideal for tamper-evident caps and vial closures.
1060 aluminum cans and caps, building materials, insulating materials, shoes and hats, eye protection, corner protection, automotive industry, deep processing, light industry, TV backplanes, street signs, PP caps, battery masks, etc.
At present, most of China’s liquor, foreign wine, wine and beverages are mainly glass bottles, so many bottle caps are made of aluminum. According to experts, China’s anti-theft bottle caps (aluminum Ropp caps) will grow at an annual rate of 10%. It is estimated that there will be about 15 billion anti-theft bottle caps in 2010, and the consumption of aluminum plates will be about 53,500 to 60,000 tons.
Anti-theft aluminum cover
Aluminum anti-theft caps are made of high-quality special aluminum alloy caps and are mainly used for the packaging of alcohol, beverages (including steam and steam) and medical and health care products, and can meet special requirements such as high temperature sterilization.
Most of the aluminum covers are processed on highly automated production lines, so the requirements for the strength, elongation, and dimensional deviation of aluminum alloy cover sheets are very strict, otherwise they will break or fold during processing. In order to ensure the convenience of printing after the bottle cap is formed, the surface is flat, and there is no required rolling marks, scratches and stains on the cover material, 8011-H14 aluminum alloy cover sheet and 3003-H16 aluminum alloy cover sheet in alloy state are used, and the material thickness of general specifications is used. 0.20mm ~ 0.23mm, width 449mm ~ 796mm. The production of aluminum alloy cap plate can use hot-rolled blanks or continuous casting and rolling blanks, the latter using cold rolling. At present, my country’s anti-theft cover material production plants mostly use continuous casting and rolling billets, which are better than casting billets.
We are a leading aluminum product manufacturer in China. The products we produce include medicinal aluminum foil, packaging aluminum foil, aluminum foil, aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, aluminum sheet and aluminum strip. Our long-term experience in this area perfectly guarantees product quality.
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