abortion is wrong, and a way to run away from your problems change my mind

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3 on January 16, 2019

this isn’t including special abortion cases where the mother has been raped.
abortion is a way out for women who do not want to deal with the consequences of their choices. the women should have to go through with the pregnancy, and then decide wether to keep the baby or put it up for adoption. a civilized society should not normalize killing a fetus which has the potential for life.

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2 on January 23, 2019

Think about the fact that anything has potential for life.. like when your conceived you beat out millions of other potentially different people for that spot in life. How is that any less fair..
Or mothers in nature who sometimes eat there babies.. especially weak ones because it means being able to give produce more life down the track. 
Or that reality is a horrible existential nightmare.. in situations where that child is guaranteed to have a crap start and shitty life is aborting them not a form of mercy sparing them from a life of pain.
Civilized society vs intelligent society. Objectively a fetus is a just a non living thing.. and until becomes living thing does not have any value. Civilized really means nothing.
Perspective – 200 years ago.. your kid died.. oh well par for the course.. you didn;t get attached… but the fact so many of us survive these days makes us very bias compared to what is more normal to our circumstances over human history.
Just my thoughts on it. Personally I don’t think any of what I just said matters. A pregnant woman is 100% responsible for their own body and what they grow until it comes out… and saying otherwise is really against the laws of nature… and your an asshole if you try to dictate or manipulate what other people do with their body.

on January 25, 2019

Once a woman is carrying a fetus she is no longer just caring for herself. I don’t see how mothers eating their children is relevant nor the argument that 200 years ago no one cared if a child died, as this is not true. Once a mother is carrying a child that child is her responsibility, she is incubating a life that deserves to live. We should not see killing a fetus as a viable option for unwanted pregnacy. It is an easy way out and avoids having to take responsibility. If after birth a mother wishes to put the child up for adoption than she may if she does not feel fit to be a parent.

on February 11, 2019

My arguments were on perspective… we put way to much value on human life. We are destroying the planet and creating an extinction event.. we devalue all that with our morality… its simply a human construct.
Nothing deserves to live.. we simply win the lottery of existence and deny another being from existing.
Lastly women put there bodies on the line to have a kid.. physical effects, nutritional sharing and a boat load of pain at the end of the line.. Taking out the fetus before it has put together a single thought. I think its the right choice if it at all delays the environmental collapse of our world and future suffering. Plus i currently believe existence=suffering, it’s a sick joke we’re compelled by the bacteria in our body to continue existing. 

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