5 signs that there is a deficit of nutrients in your diet

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Reaching a balanced diet that does not falter in any way can be a really difficult challenge with the accelerated pace of life that many people lead today. In this sense, the body is the best judge of the success or failure of these efforts thanks to the signals that are reflected in it, being imperceptible to some but which undoubtedly represent important warnings about this. Cortexi


On the one hand, if the food meets what the body needs, it is possible to observe how the hair cells respond positively, softening the texture of the skin and enhancing the natural shine of the hair, but otherwise, the body will respond with Acute fatigue and losing aesthetic characteristics that for many go unnoticed. In case of experiencing any of the following problems continuously, it is necessary to go to the doctor to receive advice in this regard.

5 signs of a nutritional deficit

  1. Dry, pale or stained skin

Although dry skin is not uncommon when cold climates are concerned, it is necessary to pay attention when this is recurrent, since it is a sign of a deficiency in the levels of Omega-3 in the body. Increasing the amounts of fish in your diet can be the solution to this problem immediately.

Likewise, detecting strange-looking spots on the skin or unusual pallor may signal a deficiency in the levels of red blood cells in the blood, which can be fixed by increasing the consumption of red meat or spinach.

  1. Facial deterioration

Although the face is one of the parts of the body that receives the most care on a day to day basis, it is possible that poor diet generates deterioration in the face. Signs such as brittle lips or excessive acne are present when the diet is not the most appropriate.

However, that can be corrected with some slight changes to the daily diet. Increase the consumption of eggs, nuts, salmon and broccoli can help increase the amounts of riboflavin in the body, significantly improving the fragility of the lips, while Omega-3 will again be our ally necessary to reduce excess fat causes acne. Cortexi Reviews


  1. Brittle or discolored hair

Hair loss in small amounts is one of the common routines of the body (daily we lose around 100 strands of hair), but when this translates into whole handfuls it can be a sign of something else. In this sense, the hair brittle, with little brightness or that evidences the appearance of early gray hair shows signs that should not be taken lightly.

Both situations have been linked to deficiencies in the consumption of vitamin C and D, which results in the loss of collagen and copper, both elements of great importance for hair color and health. Cortexi customer report


This is why it is important to improve the consumption of proteins and fruits rich in vitamin C , while dairy products are the solution to improve the levels of vitamin D in the body.

  1. Fragile nails or with strange spots

Nails are one of the elements of the body that quickly reflect the effects of deficit of certain nutrients in the body.

It is possible that if you experience numbers of cases of broken or detached nails there is a lack of biotin (also known as vitamin H) in the body. This insufficiency of biotin is reflected in the body by the appearance of strange-colored nails (with white spots or abnormal rings of the same color or brown nails).

This can improve notably consuming eggs, grains and nuts in a regular way, achieving an almost absolute improvement in these symptoms according to scientific studies. Similarly, foods rich in iron can be the solution to this problem, such as fish, crustaceans and again the egg .

  1. Difficulty to heal or heal external wounds

Experiencing some type of difficulty in closing wounds is a clear symptom that food is not at its best point of balance.

While wounds do not always heal quickly, maintaining a low level of protein in the body can cause wounds to not close in normal time lapses or even open again. This happens when you do not consume enough foods that have proteins (doctors suggest that at least 15% of the food consumed per day should be based on protein), since this element is the most important for the healing process.

For this reason, it is recommended to increase the consumption levels of red meat and grains; It is also helpful to increase the consumption of fruits, since vitamin C is an important factor in the process of tissue regeneration.


Although nutrition is the basis of good health, these small indicators can help correct possible failures in our diet, especially in regard to foods that we must increase or reduce. However, in no way does this substitute for medical help and you should always go to health professionals if the symptoms continue or become even more pronounced.


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