RE: Will Call of Duty: Black Ops III be better?

I think part of the problem is gaming simply changes. With AW, the introduction of the Exo slide/jump/boost was in response to games like Titanfall and Destiny that offered new game mechanics that gamers enjoyed. I liked the double jump and wall running in Titanfall, but really don’t care for the bizarre grasshopper mechanics it has created in COD:AW. I am not really all that excited about bringing wall running AND boost jumping to BO3.

Those changes are based on a new generation of gamers that have attention spans even shorter than mine, though. They are looking for games that offer more frenetic movement than simply running and gunning.

Having said all that, where I think that COD has gone WAY off the rails is the overpowering of sniper rifles, RPGs, and the bizarre hyperaccuracy of sixshooter pistols that can get reliable headshots from 1,500 yards away. I’m sure there are a LOT of snipers in our special forces who would find it amusing that in COD the guy with the flintlock pistol or submachine gun with a red dot sight is just as accurate (if not more accurate) at a half mile away as someone with a 50 caliber Barrett.    

The range and ballistic drop in COD is TOTALLY unrealistic. The games would be FAR better if they actually resembled realistic shooting solutions and you had to actually account for the weapon you were using in the game. It would make the process of choosing your loadout a lot more important.