RE: Why is it a sin to be gay?

So lemme try to clear this up,because for some reason you’re not comprehending what I’m saying,I understand the question,they didnt ask for christins view,I dont know where you got that crazy made up idea from,they simply asked why is being gay a sin,that’s it,that’s all,and I told them why,and I’ll even tell you again cuse I’m so nice,Because some human made a book saying it is, because he/she thought they had a powerful bond with God, being gay isnt bad, you should be able to be with who you want to be with, other people should understand that,but instead they put all there excuses on the bible,”oh the bible said this,the bible said that,this is this because the bible said” BECAUSE SOME HUMAN MADE A BOOK SAYING IT IS,IS THAT NOT A FACT?Its like you’re skipping over that everytime,the first sentence you said in you’re last parragraph was an opinion, just letting you know.