RE: Why is it a sin to be gay?

Let me say 1 thing first actually… Christianity based on the Chirch claims that the Bible is a primary source, so in an argument of why based off Christian Beliefs, then we have to follow Christian Beliefs. I respect you’re opinion and I didn’t say it was wrong it’s just that the person who created wanted to know based on Christian beliefs (I assume) and I answered based off of Christian Beliefs. You’re theory doesn’t match up to the Church’s so you aren’t giving him the answer (I assum) he’s asking for. I lack much of an opinion myself but for the sake of the question I answered based on Christian Beliefs. Now we’re not arguing whether it’s right or wrong which we both did a bit at the beginning but that’s because Religion is a touchy subject. I’m not going to respond if you refute because I already cleared up the fact that we are arguing on two different questions. You- Whether Cristian beliefs are true, and I’m arguing why gayness is a sin based off of beliefs of Christian faith. This arguement isn’t going anywhere but I did enjoy it despite how frustrating it was to get our points across since we were arguing on different topics