RE: Why is it a sin to be gay?

So let me get what I’m saying straight,cuse for some reason,yo keep avoiding the fact,I’m gonna write it in nice big letters,WERE YOU THERE WHEN MOSES WAS CHOSEN,DO YOU HAVE PICTURES OF THAT DAY,HAVE YOU PERSONALLY TALKED TO GOD AND ASKED HIM ABOUT THIS AND SHOOK HIS HAND,AND THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION IS NO,NO YOU HAVENT,this is what’s wrong with people, people fail to realize that saying christianity is the right way,that’s RIDICULOUS,get that through your head,saying christianity is the right religion is also saying the 4000 plus other religions are completely wrong,what makes your God so special that makes it the right one out of all the representations of god,you think you just got lucky and chose the right one,I’m not atheist,I believe “god”But my idea of God is different from others and you should RESPECT that,because I RESPECT your outlook on God, and if you dont respect everybody elses outlook on God that just makes you 1 God away from just as much atheist as all the atheist doesnt it…its absolutely RIDICULOUS that people base there entire life off of a book that was written by a human that acclaimed to be chosen by God with no proof at all,the reason they followed moses was because people were scared,they didnt know what life was,they didnt know how they got here,they didnt have a leader telling them what to do,so moses was a ticket to end there fears,why do you think cults are things,people who have a similar thoughts are just peopel who have similar thoughts,but people who have similar thought as well as a leader is something much bigger,and that’s how Christians came to be,its basically a cult, you have been brainwashed to think that we were created to live for God and die for God and then serve for,Thats just plain out stupid,that’s plain out saying were slaves,and yes(emmalouiise),I ask the same question,”why is the bible absolute,its not,and people fail to see that fact because there scared to not know there purpose,not to know how they got here,they’re scared of the unknown,and cant help the instinct to find the tiniest sliver of light and make a sun out of it so that they feel warm,that’s why it is “APPARENTLY ” Absolute,its stupid