RE: Why is it a sin to be gay?

First off I have to put the whole section for you to understand to verse in context. This is still definitive evidence you can’t just reflect it since it itself proves man was made to be with woman. Feminists, transgenders ,and social justice activists use unnatural hair colors and have anti-society accepted beliefs. The Bible is seen as a biblical book from the words of Christ, so it isn’t just any other book for Christianity standards so if you aren’t basing your theory on Christianity then you’re on the wrong subject. The Bible is taken from teachings of Jesus so you are implying that Jesus is wrong, the book of Genisis is a trusted source since it is written by Moses the chosen one from God. So if you say Moses is wrong, you’re saying God’s choice was wrong, therefore you’re saying God is wrong
Your belief in anti-Bible makes you seem as if you aren’t Christian therefore you’re on the wrong subject and discussion.