RE: Why don’t husbands understand why women stop having sex with them???

I wonder if it’s just as simple as men not having game. From what I’ve seen, 50 year old guys with 25 year old girlfriends don’t forget how to be affectionate or attentive. I think it has a lot more to do with being insecure and power struggles. Or maybe some of them need a “chase”, something to spice up their otherwise calm life…like an adrenaline rush, like chasing dinosaurs or fighting other caveman for resources.

I’m really beginning to think some men just have some primal need to take risks and they can’t find an outlet in any other way that has less impact. Losing a job is way worse for a man than losing his wife. He knows he can get another wife, but losing a job meansĀ if that company doesn’t want him when he thought he was doing everything fine, then maybe no other company will either. Then he might lose his house, his car, his dinners out, his nice clothes in the giant walk-in closet. And he definitely won’t have a woman then.

So when it comes to fulfilling that primal urge, when threatened by a woman who is your equal and doesn’t want to deal with your shit, what’s the easiest route? Don’t bother putting in the effort to resolve it, just take a chance on finding somebody new before you get rid of the older model. I think some men justĀ figure it’s easier to move on than to evolve, change, compromise. So they start digging in their heels early on, they maintain control (in their mind), the woman decides she’s dealt with enough and starts holding out bc she doesn’t like him anymore. I’m only talking from what I’ve seen in other people’s lives. Over and over.