RE: Why don’t husbands understand why women stop having sex with them???

I have often wondered about this too. Women tend to benefit from divorce, and men tend to benefit from marriage. So why is this a system men find so difficult to game? 

Furthermore, the stereotype about women losing their objectivity with regard to the man they are actively sleeping with is, in my experience, at least partly true. The same guys who complained so loudly about girls falling in love with them after what were supposed to be one-night stands in their single days seem to forget about this same basic chemical effect once they get married.

When my ex-husband stopped sleeping with me, I immediately saw him with a more critical eye, and my critical eye is like a white-hot laser, y’all. That poor bastard was served before he knew what hit him. 

My current boyfriend seems a bit more savvy. Every time I start breaking out the comfy slippers and the Eileen Fisher single-forever blanket-cardigan, or looking at him over the top of my MORE magazine and thinking, “Why I don’t I dump him? He always leaves the seat up”… he somehow manages to seduce me into a night of rollicking sex, and the next morning I can’t remember all my pet peeves about him in the slightest degree.