RE: Why don’t husbands understand why women stop having sex with them???

Though most of what you said is true of many men I think it’s biased to always blame it on men.women are also guilty of messing up the sex say men stop showing affection but in my experience women usually stop first. I learned a long time ago when you flirt and romance and work your ass off to make it good for her then it usually ends up being all about her and often women become selfish in bed.they want “to be caressed”they want massages the want “to be romantic” but they rarely return the favor. Men like to be treated as if they are sexy just like women do.women loved to be kissed all over but never want to kiss their man the same way.I know that most often men are at fault but it ain’t fair to blame them exclusively. Oh and one more revelation for women, when you have sex 15 times a day for the first 6 months of the relationship then all of a sudden want to cut to once a week then don’t wonder what happened to the”spark”. You can’t expect to put up a front for all that time and then try to give some excuse like “i want it to be about more than sex” any man that will accept those terms is the exact kind of man you are talking about on this thread.