RE: Why do women think they are so Superior to men and love to be drama queens?

You should not be comparing your failed marriages. When you turn it into a competition, it’s going to fail. I will agree, women tend to be more emotional. But you knew this from a young age, or should have. Women are “drama queens” because they are more emotional than men. You need to get over that. Don’t waste brain power debating it. But most women do not think that they are superior to men. Maybe the women you meet behave that way, but it is not normal. With her more failed marriages than you, it’s possible she is either mentally toxic or has bad choice in men. Keep in mind, this could include yourself. I suspect it as a possibility because of how you started off comparing your failed marriages. It doesn’t look like either of you are a match. I suspect you will last less than a year before you break up. And all your relationships will fail until you mature to the point that you don’t fight anymore.