RE: why do we need math?

Well just because your mind is limited on math on the stuff we all learned in higshcool doesn’t mean it just stops there,you know that right?And you saying “math isnt required” doesnt make any sense to his question”How does mathematics help us in life”It doesnt make any sense,and I’m sure you can see that now too that I brought it up,but you’re probally to stubborn and have too much pride to admit it,and that’s alright,I love making people look stupid,so keep talking,and a real answer to his question “How does mathematics help us in life”it helps us by being able to keep our money safe and accounted for,it helps discover new places such as the moon,it helps us make sails on sail boats, its what was used to make sure all your plumbing pipes are the right size so you dont have any problems with plumbing,it makes life more organized and secure,that’s how your supposed to answer that question,but you answer “math isnt required” really?!?🤣