RE: Who Has The Best Coffee?

You are hilariously wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

You’ve NEVER tried the coffees I talk about… (they’re very-well known for their excellent coffee)… and yet you make definitive, idiotic statements because you shill for Starbucks. It’s like you’ve only had a McDonald’s Hamburger and you go around talking about how it’s the best and no burger could top it. You look like an idiot. 

“Quality and flavor”… yeah… in terms of “Quality and flavor” Starbucks sucks. …and if you’re TRULY interested in tasting amazing coffee, you’ll find a way to actually TRY the coffees I’m talking about. Once you’ve done so… AND IF you still feel the same, then you can post your definitive take on it. You’d still be hilariously wrong, but at least you’d have a leg to stand on.