RE: Which religion is the best and why?

Okay so,Death is a natural occurrence,I dont know who taught you that it wasnt,no matter what we do,death is apart life,I mean I dont understand how you dont get that,No matter what we do,WE DIE,I dont know how to explain it,the vaccines and surgeries that we created to prolong life is unnatural if you didnt know that,do you understand that death wasnt man made,its always been around,it always has been and it always will be,so that’s that I guess,and you gotta be kidding with this shit about scientist thinking the world was held by a turtle and an elephant,I would like to see proof of that,but if it’s TRUE those people probably werent real scientist soo yeah,you understand what I’m saying,they probably just saw an opportunity to become known,so they took,like alot of these fake news people,they say stupid stuff to get the attention on them,so were done with that,and oh boy,I looked into the Isaiah 40:22,the saying says the earth is a circle, I dont know if you know the difference between a circle and a sphere,buuuut it’s a pretty big one,but whatever ,you use your imagination to try to make the saying look better,that’s up to you.And let me ask you another question, how old are you?I’m willing to bet everything I’ve ever earned in my life that you’re not 2000 years old,am I right?,of course I’m fucking right,were you there 2000 years ago,what evidence do you,what evidence does anyone have,nobody knows what happend 2000 years ago,nobody living and breathing today ANYWAys,thats absolutely ignorant and that’s called premature thinking,you cant confirm anything,That’s like taking a man to court for murder and the judge asking how do you know he killed?And you saying”i know he did it because shes dead”so fucking what,no proof no case,that’s it ,nothing else to say you know.And im willing to bet alot of money all those religious books of different religions got atleast couple sayings in there people can be like “how could science of known of this 1000 years ago”Its just stupid,it really is,people find the biggest things in the most trivial shit.And I do believe in “God”,but not the make believe God all these religions depict it out to be,I just believe in something that created us which I call “god”whether that “God” cares for us or not ,I dont know and neither do you,but the difference between me and you,I dont act like I do