RE: Which religion is the best and why?

That’s a very close minded argument you have there. Simply if you’re a religious person you believe that man was originally created to live forever until sin came into the picture which is what causes us to death, which is the reason why we never want to die. If death was a natural occurrence then we would face it like it’s a natural and always be prepared for it. You’re right no one has been able to defy death I never said we did, the argument is that we’re constantly trying to slow it down or delay it with surgeries etc. Which proves my point that death is not natural. Keep in mind that because something is common does not mean that it is natural, two very different things. And secondly, you can say that every animal feels emotions and whatnot but you cannot deny the fact that humans are far more special than any animal existing, our emotions are far more complex than any other living creature.
But since you are an atheist I assume, I’m gonna go ahead and apply myself to your sensitivity.

There is no such thing as a Flying Spaghetti Monster there is only God. Who is in fact alive and the creator of all things existing. To deny His existence is to deny that an architect designed a building and say the building created itself. It’s completley absurd to believe in anything but creation you can’t explain it it’s impossible. Even if you can provide proof of a Big Bang explosion no one can explain where the explosion came from. To say than everything was created from nothing is absurd. Do you know what nothing means? Nothing is the absence of something and to say that everything was created from nothing is far worse than believing in a Flying Spaghetti Monster. It’s illogical, uneducated, ingnorant and arrogant argument

But you wanna get scientifically so let’s go there. The Bible has been and I think it still is far more advanced than science. We’re talking about a book written 2 thousand years ago. Allow me to provide you with examples.

The Bible taught us that the earth is held upon nothing while scientists were teaching that the earth was held by a giant turtle held by massive elephants.
Job 26:7

While science was teaching that the earth was flat and executed people who believed otherwise. The Bible written far before that taught us that the earth is in fact round
Isaiah 40:22

The idea of diseases being contagious was not discovered until far after the Bible taught us that we should stay away from sick people far far before science was ever able to explain it
Leviticus chapter 13,14

I’ve provided three examples but you have dozens of events and laws placed to protect us from things we did not know. Tell me something, how can you possibly explain this? Which philisopher or scientist was so intellectually advanced 2,000 years ago to know all these things? Let me answer that for you there was no one, no human. The only logical explination is that there was a God who inspired men through visions and prophets to write all these things that were much ahead of their time and still is.
So there’s your proof. No you don’t need visuals or the ability to see or hear God because there’s more than enough proof in creation and the Bible.