RE: Which religion is the best and why?

So many things you said were wrong. 1- Death is a natural occurrence, because every living creature eventually goes through it. No creature is immortal. 2- Mankind has never found a cure for death. We can prolong our life span, but we can not avoid eventual death. 3- No surgery in the world can make a human immortal. 4- Losing a loved one to death is not the most painful emotion. I have lost family members but have had more saddening emotions not related to death. It’s subjective. Not everyone has the same emotional range as you. 5- Emotions are a reaction in your brain caused by either chemicals that your brain releases and/or┬ásynapses between brain cells. Animals can feel emotions even though religions claim only humans have souls. 6- What is absurd is believing in a flying spaghetti monster that rules our universe even though you have absolutely zero proof of one.