RE: Which company has done the greatest disservice to mankind-Comcast, Ticketmaster or Monsanto?

Oh give me a break. I suppose that Comcast isn’t just about the greatest thing since my great-aunt Winifred told a rather off-color joke at dinner one evening, I must say. It seems these two fellows of differing religions were entering a drinking establishment of some sort — perhaps there were three of them, although it wasn’t clear if each of the three had a distinct religion, or if perhaps two of them had the same religion, with just the one remaining gentleman being of a different faith. ANyway, it seems that one of them was actually a talking grasshopper, and that particular gentleman — or should I say, gentlehopper — approached the barkeep, and mentioned that he had been told, although by whom, I couldn’t say, that this particular drinking establishment had named one of their beverages after him, a fact which both puzzled and pleased him. The barkeep made an excellent retort of sorts, which certainly was amusing, I must say, although I don’t quite recall the exact wording with which he replied.