RE: What is the meaning of life?

Although most crave the answer to that question, I feel as if it is truly incapable to define “life” in a general aspect. We are all different. We all have different thoughts, beliefs, and we all analyze everything in different ways. Life itself is very brutal and harsh. Life is relentless and irrelevant to our well being and doesn’t change regardless of our presence. We as the population implement emotion, spiritual affiliation, and sexuality. Life is duration. It is choices. It is reaction. It is instinct. It’s the outcome of your existence on this planet, and what you did to appreciate the opportunity you had to breath each day. It would almost be selfish for me to assume I knew the meaning of your life, let alone try to persuade you that the way I have found and the way I obtain information is remotely relevant to the outcome of this duration of time we are here.. As long as the desire of enlarging your heart and having a receptive soul can give you the passion to never give up on finding your true meaning in this world, I believe nothing else really matters.