RE: Violence does solve problems

Sorry to disappoint, neither. I’m all red. Hate the fact that you make presumptions and try to use that to belittle someone who disagrees. I’d much rather read a persuasive argument from you. Your response was a letdown.

If you think everyone should turn the other cheek, you’re insane. You’ll be dominated and subjugated. You’ll get so sick of being screwed over, that one day all that anger at being treated unfairly will come raging to the surface. We’re in the scariest of all times right now, when we plant our kids in front of violent video games and constant violent content, while conversely preaching a message of non-violence. And then everybody wonders why all these teenagers are shooting schools and move theatres full of people. YOU produced that, not me.

A healthy solution is a response of the same level of force as that imposed on you. It’s called BALANCE.