RE: There are NOT a Billion Arguments

Well, come to think of it…maybe you are right:

According to the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003) there are 7,999* indigenous sports and sporting games.  You could have an argument whether each team was Good or Bad.  That’s 15998 arguments right there.

*There are actually 8,000 sports teams, but I’m not including those teams that cheat, like the New England Patriots.**

Second, the SVGA video standard supports a palette of 16 million colors.  So, there is an argument FOR and AGAINST whether each color is “pretty.”  Add another 32 million arguments. 

Finally, well, as Carl Sagan once said, there are “100 Billion Galaxies each with 100 Billion Stars.”  You could have an argument FOR or AGAINST what to name each star.  Add another uh…well, a lot more.


Good job on creating this site.  I wish you best of luck.

**Tom Brady did deflate that football.  With the Revolver. In the Study.