RE: The Crusades Weren’t That Bad? Uh, No.

That’s very simple to think like that.  To disregard some parts of history to push an agenda.  The reality is, that during the time of the crusades (800ish – 1200ish), bad things happened.  Islam has been fighting since at least 480BC. 
But that’s not the point.  The point is this….during this time, on both sides, the only acceptable occupation for the male population was warfare, or seamanship.  It was the industrial revolution that gave us other occupations.  We live by it, they live in caves, fornicate with goats, burn people in cages and rape the sisters of offending males, just to name a few actions. 
To compare the 400 years or so of the crusades with modern savages is a grotesque comparison.  To say that they are on equal terms is being deliberately blind.