RE: The Crusades Weren’t That Bad? Uh, No.

I’m not a horrible person, just so we understand ourselves.  My typical day:  Up at 5, eat breakfast.  Get to work (I work with children at a pediatric dental office).  Get off around 5, go home.  At this point, it depends on the day.  I play cello, I fence (Greek Olympic, not building), some evenings I paint.  I go through my daily life in a productive, non destructive manner. 
Now, our Servants (politicians) are horrid people.  They truly are.  Do I vote?  Yes.  But I didn’t vote for them.  Personally, I like the isolationist philosophy when it comes to our foreign policy.  But, that was over a century ago now.  To say that we are horrid people based on the decisions and actions of 545 elected officials is a blatant falsehood.
Yes, it is relative.  They see putting a bomb on a mentally ill woman so she can push a button in a crowd a reasonable method to achieve their goals.  We are NOT on par with them.  They stone women for adultery, we promote it on TV and in music (only 30% of sexually active women with multiple partners use condoms…..which is gross, by the way). 
What I’m getting at is that, yes, back in the day, before explosives and firearms, it was much the same ideology and methods (walk for months and attack).  Today, not so much.
Can you provide some examples of horrible things we do overseas that are the same caliber as Jihadi Akmed and his followers?