RE: The Crusades Weren’t That Bad? Uh, No.

At the time, but not now.  Are we looking at this from a modern perspective or an overall?  From a modern perspective, they are savages.  There are several ways that in and of itself can be determined.  One, look at the treatment of women.  Two, look at not just the goals, but their approved methods of achieving said goals.  Three, look at the tools they use on a daily basis.  Four, education of youth. 
What I’m getting at is that now, in the 21st century, they ARE in fact, savages.  Were the crusades bad?  Yes, but at least we moved on (thanks ultimately to the industrial revolution). 
SocietyGirl, while I respect your opinion, you’re not accurate.  Yes, there were farmers, craftsmen, sailors, merchants and the like, but those made up, at most, 20% of the male population.  And they were shunned, openly.  Guild socialism (the protection of the weak at the expense of the able) is well documented.  Then of course you’ve got the Inquisition, the witch-hunts and other such insane practices that have gone on until, literally, my great grand parents. 
So, in conclusion, comparing them to a small window of history, or to us today, is false.  Just as saying helium has three electrons is false, and for the same reason.  A is A.