RE: Should white people be able to say the N-word

Lemme be honest with you,I’m mixed,black with white, I dont think anybody should be saying the n word,its ridiculous that anybody still does,apparantly its racist when white people say it,but not when blacks use it,but it’s a word with no value,theres no reason anyone needs to use the word nigger or nigga ever,but for some magical reason,people still do,and these types of threads cause stupid uproar for no reason, the n word conversation of who should be able to say it or not,is pointless,and my feelings arent gonna get hurt from someone calling me the n word,but I cant speak for others obviously,there are dumb people out there that feel that if you say the N word and your not black you and your whole family deserve to die,There are dumb mother fuckers killing eachother because of that word,,but it’s never gonna go a way,that’s just how this world is,its filled with hate,and theres literally nothing we can do about besides watch it