RE: Should same sex marriage be legalized in every state?

To both homophobes here, while we have no definitive proof the bible is fiction, you have no proof that it is truth so withdrawal of your claims about chances of the bible being fiction is the only way you can validate everything else you have said with regards to religion as you also are lacking in evidence. I have to say, it is very ironic that you of all people bring scienc in to this but if you want to go down that route en lets go!


so, men have a pleasure organ in the rectum, the prostate. We are also not alone in homosexual behaviour, hundreds of species, often more intelligent species, display homosexual behaviour so the naturalness of homosexuality when in comparison to the rest of the natural world is not at all different or unique. While on the topic of the naturalness of humanity, marriage itself is not natural, I for one have never seen a giraffe in a bridesmaid dress or a frog in a tux. I might also point out that we did not evolve purely to reproduce and I can very easily prove that via my own sexuality, asexuality, the lack of sexual attraction/desire. Please, as you warn us not to talk about the bible because  we ‘don’t understand’ stay away from science because you are not going to win in that field