RE: Should same sex marriage be legalized in every state?

Honestly I just dont agree. You may say the Bible is fiction all you want, but the people in this were real. They arent fiction characters, and neither was Jesus. Whether you believe he was the son of god is up to you but I do. Look at it from this way, a Man and Women were created for each other, look at how our bodies were made and function. We evolved to be able to reproduce so we don’t go extinct. Why should there be same sex marriage when scientifaclly our bodies were never meant to function for that certain way? ¬†Yes you may argue all you want about how Im wrong and the bible is complete fiction, but do some research. The Bible has true historical facts. Whether you believe them or not, I do. And If you don’t agree fine, argue with me. But I will still uphold my same answer. I disagree. God loves us all I believe that fully, and he’s not going to send them to hell but he will judge accordingly to who believes in him. Everyone sins. Everyone. That doesnt mean we are all damned to hell.